Models of Implementation

TSI//MyLab Foundational Skills provides the data and resources that faculty, advisors, and administrators need to understand exactly what each student needs and provide a strategy for success.

Implementation models for post-secondary institutions:

  • As an accelerated, non-course-based option (NCBO) alternative
  • In summer bridge programs for transitioning students
  • Within boot camps for placement prep / re-testing
  • With incoming students to reduce the costs of developmental classes
  • In collaboration with Adult Basic Education programs
  • In partnership with local area high schools

Implementation models for districts and high schools:

  • In the 11th or 12th grades as a pre- and post-test tool to assess academic progress
  • As a skill-building resource for summer boot camp programs
  • For students in need of academic intervention
  • Before students transition to college in preparation for college placement test
  • With students preparing for dual-enrollment courses or "middle college" programs
  • For GEAR UP initiatives