System Requirements

Please make sure that your computer meets all of the requirements detailed below.

Note that you may need administrative access to be able to install applications or make other changes to your computer. If the computer you are using is not your own personal property, you may need to contact your organization's IT department to make such updates.

Operating Systems and Browsers

  Operating Systems Browsers

Players and Plug-ins

You may receive a message that some Mastering assignment content cannot be displayed because it requires a browser player or plug-in. If the browser you’re using no longer supports such players or plug-ins (like recent versions of Chrome or Firefox), please use another supported browser for this content.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Browser Requirements

After you sign in to your Mastering course on a computer at least once, you have the option to use a smartphone or tablet to work on Mastering assignments, Learning Catalytics sessions, and Dynamic Study Modules. (Educators, a student account is needed to work in Mastering standard’s Mobile view.) Note that you may need to return to your computer to complete some assignments or assignment items. Supported browsers are listed above. The Kindle is not supported.

Mobile Apps

The following optional, free mobile apps are available for your convenience.

  • Pearson eText app (for smartphones and tablets)
  • App to work on Dynamic Study Modules on smartphones and iPod touch
    This app optimizes your Dynamic Study Modules experience on a mobile device. If your Mastering course has the Dynamic Study Modules link on its Course Home page and you have clicked this link at least once on your computer to open a module, you can use the Dynamic Study Modules app on your iOS or Android smartphone. (This app is not supported on tablets or for MasteringPlus users.)
    Tablet users: You can work on any available Dynamic Study Modules after you sign in to your course.