MyLab Student Success Tour Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

Hi, I'm here to talk to you about some of the exciting features you'll find in MyLab Student Success.

Intended for student success instructors and students, MyLab Student Success advances students' knowledge and builds critical skills for ongoing personal and professional development.

Rich analytics enable educators to baseline students' strengths and weaknesses, and measure their readiness for college and career success.

First off, students come to college because of their aspirations, but it's hard for them to identify weaknesses that would prevent them from reaching their goals.

Instructors struggle to know how ready those students are for college. But with the Conley Readiness Index students have a self-diagnostic tool that measures college and career readiness, and likelihood for success.

Students answer a series of questions about themselves, and a profile is generated showing scores in each readiness category.

Instructors can access reports to gauge how prepared their students are.

Next, it can be difficult to baseline students' knowledge at the beginning of the course, then show the advancement of knowledge after completion to measure actual progress.

Students need more than just a letter grade. They need actual skills to take with them.

So with the Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic, students can see their strengths and weaknesses from day one.

They can prove their gains as a result of their efforts over the length of the course.

Instructors benefit from the pre- and post-diagnostic assessments that link to learning objectives, which can align to the program outcomes.

It's a fantastic way to show both validity and data.

From there, instructors find that there's never enough time to cover everything they want.

If they don't know what the students are struggling with, then they can't dedicate the time to focus on that area.

Also, students think they are better at things than they actually are. They don't always realize that the only way to improve is through practice.

So with Learning Path, students can see what topics they've mastered, as well as the areas where they'd benefit from additional practice.

They are able to prioritize their focus, as instructors plan on the topics they wish to cover.

MyLab Student Success can be personalized to the topics and exercises that support their objectives.

Finally, no one is ever an 'expert' in 'soft skills,' but these are skills students take with them for life.

Instructors find that measurement matters, but measuring 'soft skills' can be difficult to do.

But with Reporting Dashboard, instructors can view, analyze, and report learning outcomes.

Students get the information they need to stay on track throughout the course and build the skills they need for life thereafter.

And there you have it. That was a quick look at just a handful of the valuable features in MyLab Student Success. If you want to learn more about

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