New Features in MyLab Student Success

My Courses Portal Updates

Instructor access to information about courses in the My Courses Portal has been improved! Updates include a refreshed forgotten username/password screen and visible listing of third-party LMS partners. Instructors will also now have the ability to create categories for improved organization and a shortcut for easier access to nested member and student courses via the new pin/unpin functionality.

Instructor Experience Updates

Assignment Manager and Gradebook: The Assignment Manager has been updated to provide a more consistent experience across MyLab products to enhance access to highly utilized features. The new updates to the Gradebook allow instructors to easily access and navigate to the student performance data that’s important to them through minor changes to options available including managing roster, managing incompletes, and show/hide class metrics.

Time-on-task Improvements: Improved time-on-task reporting will increase accuracy of students’ time spent at the assignment and item level. Changes have been made to provide more clarity for items that cannot be tracked (PDF, eText, etc.), the default inactivity timeout for homework has been reduced from 60 to 30 minutes, and an alert has been added to media assignments after 30 minutes of viewing prompting users to continue.

Increased Customization of Assignments

Edit Assignments with Results: Instructors now have even more flexibility to create and edit homework, quiz, and test assignment types. Instructors are able to easily remove questions from an in-progress assignment can now modify an in-progress assignment by simply selecting the “Remove Questions” option within the “Actions” drop-down menu.

Allow Late Submissions and Penalties for Quizzes and Tests: Updates to assignment settings now allow for instructors to have even greater control and flexibility when creating quizzes and tests. Instructors are able to configure quizzes and tests to allow for submissions past the due date and set a late submission penalty.

eText Improvements

All eTexts Available on Mobile Phones and Tablets: With the Pearson eText 2.0 app for iOS and Android mobile phones, students can access any MyLab eText and read how they want: anytime, anywhere, even offline. Pearson eText is also available for tablets via the Pearson eText 2.0 app. With select eText titles*, students can also:

  • access the same interactive images, videos, and animations that are in the web-based version of their textbook, bringing the content to life
  • use bookmarks, highlights notes to easily retrieve and review important content
  • search for content

* Pearson eTexts available in the eText 2.0 format include the multimedia features. Searching, bookmarking, highlighting and note-taking are available for eText 2.0 titles as well as eText 1.0 books when accessed from the eText 1.0 tablet app.

MyLab Plus Updates

Design Updates: Updates to the MyLab Plus portal will make course organization and management easier than ever. Improvements include a mobile responsive design, active/inactive tabs for courses, and the option for a course tile grid-view or a list-view to direct instructors quickly to their desired course.

LMS Integration Update

  • Canvas and D2L Design Update: Learning Management System (LMS) integrations provide instructors with easy access to MyLab from their LMS. Updates have been made to the user interface, bringing a modern and consistent look and feel to the MyLab and LMS integration experience including home, grade sync, and help & support pages.
  • Canvas Automatic Grade Sync: The LMS integration updates simplify teaching and learning for students and instructors. In addition to UI updates to the Canvas integration, MyLab instructors who have integrated their courses with Canvas have the option to select automatic grade sync, allowing for a seamless way to sync grade data between MyLab and their LMS. Automatic grade sync saves time for instructors by transferring grades completely touch-free, eliminating the need to manually transfer grades. Instructors have the option to select all assignments or specific assignments to automatically sync. For more information, please see the Spring 2017 LMS Integration Update.