Learning Path

How important is baselining?

Beyond the Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic Assessments, there are Pre- and Post-Tests within each module, as well as additional learning outcome-based tests that can be created, and may be printed or delivered online.

What objectives will you be able to get through?

The Overview summarizes the skills found in the practice exercises and activities for each topic.

How do you get students to communicate on common issues?

Videos on key issues are ‘by students, for students’ and organized by topic.

How would better class preparation improve the learning experience?

Practice exercises, intended as self-paced tutorials, build student confidence before completing the graded activities.

What could be gained by building critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities?

Graded activities build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The Writing Assignments always include a ‘journal’ activity for self reflection.