MyLab Business Statistics

Video Transcript

Your students are unique. Whether there’s 5 or 500, they all enter your course with different skills, experiences, and expectations. So, engaging and inspiring each one can be a challenge. And that’s why we created MyLab. To reach every student.

With MyLab, students are ready to achieve their full potential — in your course, and their future careers.

MyLab Statistics is all about students using data to better understand problems and make more informed decisions. Ultimately getting them excited about stats. It also helps them go beyond the mechanics of the course — to think more critically.

MyLab Stats includes statistical software, so students learn how to analyze and interpret data. And use key concepts to solve bigger-picture problems. In the end, they don’t just understand the material, they’re able to apply what they’ve learned.

Plus, a variety of support resources ensure that students and instructors can get up and running quickly, so they can focus on what matters most — making better business decisions.

MyLab makes it easy to give each student the tools they need to succeed. So, no matter where they come from, your students can become more effective learners — inside and outside of the classroom.

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