MyReadinessTest for Physics

MyReadinesstest for Physics offers the opportunity to assess students’ skills on targeted topics applicable to Physics and allow them to quickly remediate with a personalized Study Plan, as students’ math backgrounds play significant roles in the success they achieve in their science courses.

This version includes a sample diagnostic and practice test covering math topics targeted for physics preparation. The results create a personalized Study Plan for each student, identifying which concepts the student already knows, and where further review is needed. The Study Plan then links to multimedia tutorials and over 2,200 interactive practice exercises (with instant feedback) for students to work at their own paces. The opportunity to brush up on math helps students build a foundation for learning concepts in Physics.

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Educator NeedHow MyReadinessTest Helps Teaching

Would you like more insight into students’ math skills prior to or at the beginning of your physics course?

Simply launch a sample diagnostic to get a base-level assessment of students’ skills. The MyReadinessTest online Gradebook automatically records students' results and gives you extensive control over the results.
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Would you like to offer your students self-remediation in math to increase their success?

The MyReadinessTest diagnostic generates a personalized Study Plan for each student. 
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Do you want an easy-to-implement program that works for your students?

Whether you use our sample Math Prep for Physics diagnostic or create your own, MyReadinessTest is easy to administer and use.
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Student NeedHow MyReadinessTest Helps Learning

How can MyReadinessTest help me in Physics?

MyReadinessTest offers the opportunity to brush up and practice those math skills that will help you succeed in your Physics course.
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How can I practice only those things that I don’t already know?

Based on your initial assessment results, MyReadinessTest generates a personalized Study Plan that shows at a glance which topics you need to practice.
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How will MyReadinessTest help me learn (or remember) difficult math concepts?

Practice exercises in your Study Plan offer instant, guided feedback (not just “incorrect”), and step-by-step help.
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