Improving results

Pearson MyLab delivers consistent, measurable gains in student learning outcomes, retention, and subsequent course success.

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Empower your students to achieve their potential

Pearson's math authors have developed key features to help instructors get the most out of MyLab Math and develop students' preparedness, visualization and conceptual learning, motivation, study skills, and maintaining skills.

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Educators, engage students with immersive content, tools, and experiences

The funny thing about the "one size fits all" approach to learning technology is that it doesn't fit anyone particularly well. With MyLab Math, you and your students will get precisely what you need to succeed: teaching and learning tools that are personalized, customizable, and always engaging.

MyLab Math's features boost student engagement and relevance and are uniquely suited to deliver clear learning gains and help you and your students break through to better results.

MyLab Math also leverages technology to help administrators realize measurable gains in learning outcomes across an institution. The ability to scale and to harness powerful data allows for differentiated instruction that increases student success.

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