Dynamic Study Modules

Personalize each student’s learning experience

Dynamic Study Modules work by continuously assessing student performance and activity, then using data and analytics to provide personalized content in real-time to reinforce concepts that target each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

For students, Dynamic Study Modules leverage research from the fields of cognitive psychology, neurobiology and game studies to deliver a uniquely-effective, learning system. Using a highly-personalized, algorithmically-driven process, Dynamic Study Modules continuously assess students’ performance and provide additional practice in the areas where they struggle the most. Each Dynamic Study Module, accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet, promotes fast learning and long-term retention.

For educators, Dynamic Study Modules offer a robust reporting dashboard that delivers key analytics on learner data, so it’s easy to adjust curricula. Because MyLab and Dynamic Study Modules help students stay on track and achieve a higher level of subject-matter mastery, educators can dedicate more class time to higher-order ideas, expanding complex concepts, and helping students reinforce what they’ve learned through collaborative activities.

For more information or for a demonstration, please contact your Pearson representative.