Practice the critical-thinking and Microsoft Office skills you need for success in the workplace

REDESIGNED! Realistic HTML5 Simulations

MyLab IT’s cloud-based, high-fidelity HTML5 Office Simulations provide realistic skill-based training and assessment, so you can practice the Microsoft Office skills that you’ll use in your future workplace.

As you work through the simulations, just-in-time Learning Aids such as Read Instructions, Watch Video or Practice are available whenever you need help.

The new MyLab IT Virtual Keyboard is designed to ensure that every student is able to complete the simulation activity. This keyboard allows for users with non-PC hardware, such as a Mac computer, to enjoy the same user experience.

Work directly in the Microsoft application and get instantaneous feedback and grades

REDESIGNED! Grader Projects

Live-in-the-application Grader Projects mirror the environment you’ll use in your career, and help you develop the skills you need to succeed. With MyLab IT Grader, you can complete projects directly in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access with 4 easy steps:

  1. Download the project
  2. Work on the project live in the application
  3. Upload the completed project
  4. Finish and submit for grading.

Your Grader Project will be scored, with partial credit allowed, in less than 5 seconds, and also provide personalized, detailed Grader Project Reports feedback.

Validate your Microsoft Office Skills and get certified

MyLab IT Badging

With MyLab IT badging, you can showcase your achievements to potential employers, with verified proof of specific Office skills and competencies you have learned.

Earn a MyLab IT badge when you score 90% or above on an assigned Capstone Grader Project This badge demonstrates that you have shown proficiency in certain Microsoft Office Skills within MyLab IT and can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Interested in becoming MOS certified? Your claimed badge also gives you the opportunity to purchase an MOS certification voucher at a 30% discount.

MyITLab Badging

Use your MyLab IT badge to learn which jobs require your skills

Real-Time Labor Market Insights

When you earn a badge within MyLab IT, you will gain access to Acclaim real-time labor market insights. You can view and apply to current job postings that directly connect to the skills represented by your earned badge, as well as top locations that are hiring for a particular skill, top employers, related certifications and skills, salary ranges, and more!