MyLab IT Microsoft Office Badges

A digital badge is an online representation of a skill or achievement earned, and is designed to motivate behavior, recognize achievement, and establish credibility. Badges capture knowledge, skills, and accomplishments that help transfer learning across different industries and help employers find the unique talent and skills most in demand.

MyLab IT issues digital badges using the Acclaim systemMyLab IT badges represent the competencies and skills that learners have not only mastered, but have also demonstrated through their completion of the course.

Badges are currently offered for Volume I and Comprehensive Grader Projects. MyLab IT Badges are free to colleges and students, but they must be earned by scoring 90% or higher on a Capstone Grader Project, assigned by the instructor.

MyLab IT badges offer trusted job qualifications for your students. Here's how:

  • Instead of just claiming familiarity with Microsoft Office applications, MyLab IT badges provide verified evidence that learners have demonstrated specific skills and competencies using Microsoft Office tools in a real project.
  • MyLab IT badges can be shared easily on social media — via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter — or using online portfolios and resumes, leading to real opportunities in connecting with potential employers.
  • MyLab IT badges are not official certifications. However, earning a badge entitles the learner to purchase an industry-standard certification exam voucher at a 30% discount.