Accessibility Statement

MyLab IT

Pearson is committed to providing barrier-free, accessible learning in introductory-level Computer Concepts and Microsoft Office Applications courseware. MyLab IT has been re-designed from the ground-up to: a) provide the most accessible IT experience we have found to be available on the market at this time; and b) include a road-map for continued accessibility enhancements to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). To meet these state-of-the-art standards, the MyLab IT team partnered with a leading accessibility consultant, specializing in educational braille production and accessibility tools for standardized testing, for product design, development, and quality assurance.

As MyLab IT is a complete digital solution for Computer Concepts and Office Applications training and assessment, Pearson suggests that an accessibility compliance review start by examining the core activities and features that define the user experience.

  • Platform & User Interface: MyLab IT will support an accessible student experience, compatible with screen-reader technology, for basic course activities, viewing grades, and viewing assignments in a To Do list.

Full educator-view compatibility is forthcoming.

  • Simulated Microsoft Office Training & Assessment Activities:
    • Simulated Microsoft Office 2016 Training and Assessment activities are produced in HTML5, and delivered via web browser using cloud-technology, based on Pearson Accessibility Standards.
    • Simulation content and navigation features include ALT tags for compatibility with assistive technology. ALT tags for descriptive text for images is forthcoming.
    • Simulation activities will include ClickHear Mobile, a software tool that provides full voicing of web browser content using high-quality, natural-sounding voices, in addition to language translation assistance in several languages. Normally licensed as a standalone product for use as an aid for low-vision and language- or reading-impaired computer users, ClickHear Mobile has been modified and enhanced to be seamlessly integrated with the MyLab IT interface.
  • Simulation activities include keyboard support for most actions. Additional features to support all keyboard strokes will be available by January 2014.
  • MyLab IT Live-In-The-Application Grader Projects: MyLab IT “Live-In-The-Application” Grader Projects are automatically-graded student assignments downloaded from MyLab IT, completed in the actual Microsoft Office Application, and then uploaded to MyLab IT for automatic grading. User pathways to access and submit MyLab IT Grader Projects are accessible via assistive technology. Accessibility of the actual Grader Project is defined by Microsoft Office compatibility, and thus is accessible.
  • Objective-Based Question Activities: All Objective-Based Question Activities - such as True/False or Multiple Choice - are accessible via keyboard navigation.
  • Pearson eText: The browser-based version of the Pearson eText platform includes several accessible features for keyboard navigation, though it is not screen-reader capable. Textbook publications in .PDF are always available for accessibility accommodation purposes upon request, and HTML5-based eBook solutions are forthcoming.
  • Premium Multimedia Content: All premium multimedia content - such as audio, animation, graphics, and video - are accessible via keyboard navigation, close captioning, or appropriate method of access.
  • Student & Educator Resources: All Student & Educator Resources are accessible via keyboard navigation, close captioning, or appropriate method of access.

Pearson, the MyLab IT Team, and Pearson’s Accessibility Consultant plan to develop additional new features to further reduce, and finally eliminate, accessibility barriers due to disability or condition. We welcome feedback from students and educators regarding MyLab IT accessibility features as an important part of a complete digital solution for IT training and assessment.

Accessibility Documentation

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is used to assist Federal contracting officials, agencies and buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of accessibility support in products like MyITab. A VPAT for MyLab IT is available upon request by emailing