Complete Study Tool

MyLab IT Certification covers it all

Pearson publishes MyLabs for all major CompTIA and Cisco certification exams as well as other courses in high demand like Linux and mobile development. All courses have an interactive eText that supports student efforts to professionalize their skills. The focus of these products is to provide a personalized study plan for each student that will efficiently guide students to proficiency. Each product includes several hours of video instruction and several exam practice tests.

Interactive eText

Go beyond the book

Every MyLab IT Certification comes with an interactive eText that provides a ready reference to course content. Students can use the robust search features, keep a running record of all their searches, highlight, and add notes. Teachers can interact with students through the share functionality. Instructors can make notes and highlights that can be shared with students.

This is a full fidelity ebook that is fun and easy to use.

Robust Study Plans

Discover deficiencies and fill the gaps

Study plan questions are organized by both text chapter and exam objective. Students can take a pretest to determine what they know and don’t know. Based on their answers to the pretest, each student gets a roadmap to proficiency. They can click the links and be taken directly to content in the ebook that will provide the answers to questions missed.

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Help students study better

Dynamic Study Modules

Using the latest developments in cognitive science, Dynamic Study Modules help students study chapter topics by adapting to their performance in real time.

As a result, students build the confidence they need to deepen their understanding, participate meaningfully, and perform better — in and out of class.

Available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Interactive Simulations Available

Optionally bundled simulators provide detailed hands-on practice

Many students learn best by doing. Pearson publishes separate simulator products for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and Cisco CCNA. These simulators all include hours of video instruction and hundreds of hands on labs and activities. These products complete a student’s training and prepare them for the practical scenario-based questions that appear on the certification exams.