Models of Implementation

MyLab Foundational Skills offers an easily customizable, personalized learning experience that is appropriate for a variety of college and career readiness initiatives. Here are just a few of the models being implemented by our user community!

High School Early Intervention

What do you do with students who score below “college ready” on their ACT or SAT tests? MyLab Foundational Skills offers an easy solution for districts and schools to bring students up to speed. The program offers an interactive, alternative learning experience for at-risk students and teacher gradebook tools to monitor progress. Whether work is needed in one or all three subjects (reading, writing and math), each personalized Learning Path offer instruction, practice, and assessment to close knowledge gaps and better prepare students for postsecondary and career pathways.

GED® 2016 Programs

Built and updated specifically for the 2016 assessments, MyLab Foundational Skills for GED® Prep empowers test candidates to target their efforts and build requisite skills to successfully pass each of 2016 GED® tests – Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science – on their first attempt. Now includes “Dynamic Study Modules,” rapid-fire test prep built on research in cognitive psychology, neurobiology, and game studies, which promote fast learning and long-term retention. Recognized as a GED® test-aligned program. We also offer GED Ready™: The Official Practice Tests which may be used in tandem with or independently from MyLab Foundational Skills.

Transitional Studies & Bridge Programs

Offering a personalized Learning Path for every student, MyLab Foundational Skills is ideal for programs serving diverse populations of learners with varying levels of academic ability and educational experience. Your traditional and non-traditional incoming students will benefit from self-paced, targeted, just-in-time learning and become better prepared to transition and persist in college-level coursework.

Placement Test Prep

Would you like to help student advance a level or bypass developmental coursework completely? MyLab Foundational Skills helps students brush up or learn the skills they need to be better prepared for their placement. We offer alignments to the COMPASS tests and TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) that may be used in an instructor-led course or in independent study programs. Schools may also use MFL as a required resource before students re-test.

This one learning environment enables learners to identify and fill academic gaps to successfully pursue postsecondary degree paths, reduce placement in developmental studies, save critical financial aid, and accelerate time to completion.

In addition, we offer ACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills and state-specific versions of courses that are tied to assessments from the College Board.

“Fast Track” Courses and Boot Camps

With modular contact and subscription length options as short as 10 weeks, MyLab Foundational Skills is the perfect “course” material for fast-track remediation and intensive boot camps.

Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs)

MyLab Foundational Skills is an out-of-the-box solution for your NCBO alternative to traditional developmental classes. With a content library spanning the entire developmental curriculum, you can tailor your NCBO to the specific objectives set by the department, for one or more subject areas. Students can work on all their basic skills in one place, at a pace that makes sense for each individual learner.

Developmental Course Redesign

MyLab Foundational Skills building new models to meet today’s education challenges. Our topically-arranged online content spans the entire developmental curriculum and is easily customizable to the objectives and format of any course, such as:

  • Modularized instruction that breaks down the curriculum and allows students to move through the content at an accelerated pace.  
  • Co-requisite course work that pairs two courses or subjects
  • Fast track programs that reduce the time normally spent on the subject matter (e.g., a traditional 16-week semester taught in 8 weeks) and provide additional exit points for students as they demonstrate mastery of the material.

Independent “Self Study”

MyLab Foundational Skills can be used as a personalized teacher, allowing each student to work on just those skills they don't know from reading, writing and math. By using the initial diagnostic and following the learning plan, students can use MyLab Foundational Skills to focus on those skills and learning activities where they need additional practice, at a pace that makes sense for each student.

First Year Experience / Orientation / Student Success

With a heavy emphasis on college success skills and core academic skills, MyLab Foundational Skills for Student Success, now with Conley Readiness Index can help students identify and fill academic gaps and build critical personal and professional soft skills for  postsecondary success and completion. Customizable content modules allow institutions to select just those academic skills deemed critical for incoming students to know; a robust Student Success module includes pre-assessment, learning activities, and post-assessment targeting personal and professional skills.

Tutoring & Academic Support

Help students who are struggling to maintain their place in school by giving them a tool to remediate multiple skills in one place. Via the reporting tools, the tutor can follow each student’s progress through the material, offering assistance when a student gets stuck. Beyond the math, writing, and reading skills, students can also work through a module on study skills to better prepare them for subsequent classes and learning.

Student Athletic Programs

Keep your athletes academically prepared and in good standing with MyLab Foundational Skills. With pre-loaded instructional content, practice, and short post-assessments, Athletic Directors and Academic Services can easily offer individual support and monitor activity, 24/7 from any Mac or pc with an internet connection.

Prerequisite for Occupational Training

Pipeline more students into your training programs with MyLab Foundational Skills. With targeted, just-in-time learning, the program offers the perfect alternative to traditional ABE coursework. Individuals can accelerate their learning and quickly build academic skills for entry into a certificate or occupational training program.

Competency-Based Learning

MyLab Foundational Skills offers an easy solution for having students demonstrate the targeted academic skills needed for certificate programs. Simply select the objectives required for a given occupational track; the program can then quickly assess students, build just those skills that needed, and then post-assess individuals for their competency checklist.

Contextualized Instruction

MyLab Foundational Skills for Health Professions offers readings and practice exercises contextualized to allied health allied professions to help students build their core skills to successfully pursue and complete occupational training and establish themselves in high-demand, health care professions.

Workforce Development / Career Readiness

Higher employability skills mean having access to higher-paying career pathways. MyLab Foundational Skills for Career Readiness can help learners quickly improve their basic academic skill competencies or career skills aligned to the ACT WorkKeys® assessments. With assessments, tutorials, instruction, and practice, individuals can refresh or learn new skills to help them prepare for and succeed in a new career, achieve a certification, or transition to a postsecondary degree program.

Grant Initiatives

MyLab Foundational Skills has been used as a solution to support a variety of state, federal and private grant initiatives, such as Completion by Design, TAACCCT, Next Generation Learning Challenges, Achieving the Dream, and various Title grants for learners at risk.  With personalized learning and advanced reporting capabilities, MyLab Foundational Skills allows institutions to advance learning and report on outcomes, all from one easy place. Visit our Higher Ed Proposal and Grant website for resources on getting your innovative project funded!

Programs for Learners At Risk

MyLab Foundational Skills offers an easy solution for colleges, universities, and other programs to bring learners at risk up to speed. The program offers an interactive, alternative learning experience for at-risk populations and gradebook tools to monitor progress. Whether work is needed in one or all three subjects (reading, writing and math), each personalized Learning Path offers instruction, practice, and assessment to close knowledge gaps and better prepare students for postsecondary and career success.

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