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Created specifically for Counseling students and instructors, MyLab Counseling is designed to support students’ mastery and application of the skills they’ll need for successful careers in Counseling.

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Align with the CACREP standards

Learning Outcomes and Standards

MyLab Counseling organizes all assignments around essential learning outcomes and the CACREP standards—enabling easy course alignment and reporting.

Develop decision-making skills

Video- and Case-Based Exercises

Video- and Case-Based Exercises introduce students to a broader range of clients, and therefore a broader range of presenting problems, than they will encounter in their own pre-professional clinical experiences. These exercises help students develop the techniques and decision-making skills they need to effectively work with clients before they are in a critical situation with a real client. The majority of videos featured in the exercises are of actual client-therapist sessions with expert counselors. Students receive immediate feedback on their responses to guide their learning.

Help students prepare for certification

Licensure Quizzes

Automatically graded, multiple-choice Licensure Quizzes help students prepare for certification examinations, master foundational course content, and improve their course performance. Students receive immediate feedback on their responses to guide their learning.

Show expert counselors in action

Video Library

The Video Library provides a searchable database of more than 400 video clips of counseling sessions, ethical scenarios, and interviews with helpers and clients organized by course area. This allows students to see a variety of counseling theories and techniques in action, increase their observation time, and improve their analysis skills. Professors can build collections using the clips in the Video Library, add their own uploaded videos or videos from YouTube, and then share those collections with students.

A one-stop media-sharing tool that facilitates interactive learning


Good communication skills open doors, whether at school or in the workplace. To build these skills, MediaShare offers an engaging online environment where students can interact with both peers and instructors.

Mobile-friendly and structured like a social network, MediaShare facilitates interactive learning by making it easier than ever for students and instructors to share and comment on speeches, group projects, outlines, and more. Users can upload original content for peer and instructor feedback, or embed YouTube content with just a few clicks. And because comments on student speeches are time-stamped, MediaShare lets students process contextualized feedback quickly and easily, leading to improved communication skills.

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Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Direct access to MyLab

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You can now link from any LMS platform to MyLab. Access MyLab assignments, rosters and resources, and synchronize MyLab grades with your LMS gradebook. New direct, single sign-on provides access to all the personalized learning MyLab resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Additional Features

Robust Gradebook and Reporting Features

The online gradebook automatically tracks your students' results on tests, homework, and practice exercises and gives you control over managing results and calculating grades. The gradebook provides a number of flexible grading options, including exporting grades to a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel and synchronizing MyLab grades with your LMS gradebook. And, it lets you measure and document your students' learning outcomes.