Brush up on essential math skills

Self-Paced Study Plan

Strong math skills are an essential building block for career success in carpentry and many other technical trades. MyLab Carpentry has a convenient, self-paced Study Plan that helps you identify the math concepts you’ve already mastered and which concepts you need to practice. Interactive activities with step-by-step learning aids help you develop and practice the key math skills you’ll use in your career.

Prepare for your career in carpentry

On the Job Math for Carpenters

On the Job Math for Carpenters activities help you practice and apply the math you’ve learned in the context of the carpentry skills you’ll use on the job. To support your understanding, each problem is accompanied by a learning aid that models how a similar problem is solved. If you answer incorrectly, you'll receive feedback that helps you solve the problem.

Access anytime, anywhere

Interactive eText

MyLab Carpentry includes an interactive Pearson eText which allows you to highlight, search, take notes, and share ideas with your instructor. The Pearson eText can be accessed online with a computer, as well as on your iPad and/or iPhone via the Pearson eText app. Learn more about the Pearson eText app.