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How can you connect your academic plan to your career plan?

We know it’s never too early to start exploring and preparing career options, and it’s an ongoing process!

MyLab Career Success helps you be your best professional self using the “3 Ds” — discover, develop, and demonstrate — and get the job you’re after right after graduation, and beyond.

The Nine Milestones in the Learning Path help you learn more about who you are and how that translates to your academic and career plan, build transferable skills, and show your value to potential internships/employers.

Every milestone includes GRIT™ mindset activities that strengthen your ability to reach goals; strategic LinkedIn profile development and networking activities; and career exploration through real-time Labor Market data on jobs.

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Discover, develop, and demonstrate your best professional self

Nine Milestones-based Learning Path

The interactive instruction reinforces skills to help you actualize on the 3 Ds through GRIT mindset, LinkedIn, and Labor Market Insight data activities.

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Increase your self knowledge and showcase skills

Inventory and assessment for personal and social capabilities or “soft skills”

In the ‘Getting Started’ milestone, Conley Readiness Index (CRI) by Dr. David T. Conley is a research-based self-diagnostic student inventory that measures/reports college and career readiness around the Four Keys framework (Think, Know, Act, Go). It reveals how ready you believe you are for college and what it takes to be successful.

Once you assess their own readiness and get your Student Report with results and feedback, you’re able to develop these sought after “soft skills” through activities so you can apply what you're learning to your career.

Assess and grow your GRIT

Assessment and Assignments

The GRIT Gauge pre- and post-assessment, by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, found in the Self-Discovery milestone, is the only validated assessment that measures and reports all facets of GRIT—Growth, Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity, and Robustness. By taking the assignment, you earn a digital credential or badge as evidence of your GRIT mindset. Assignments offer application for this framework and assessment. GRITTY Assignments offer application for this assessment throughout, helping you grow or build your GRIT through journaling, goal setting, and GRIT-specific actions with the ability to earn and share your Acclaim digital credentials in GRIT.

Demonstrate your skills and knowledge via LinkedIn

Activities and Video Coaching Sessions

LinkedIn activities and video coaching sessions support career planning and preparation. LinkedIn presence is essential for today’s learners with over 70% of jobs being posted there by employers and recruiters. Strategic LinkedIn profile development activities help you intentionally create (and network) a personal professional brand. Video coaching sessions are available to further support you in leveraging a LinkedIn presence including showcasing your GRIT Acclaim digital credential(s).

Get real-time job information

Labor Market Insight (LMI) Data

LMI data offers real-time job information on geographic area, industry, and employer plus the education and skills required for a career field or specific job. Now you’ll be able to check industries, occupations, employers, and salaries for each area you’re interested in. Very cool!

Make the most out of going to class

Learning Catalytics™

Learning Catalytics is an interactive classroom tool that lets you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to participate and stay engaged. Simply respond to the questions your instructor posts during class. Your professor can use the results of these questions to help address misunderstandings, start small group discussions, or decide that you’re ready to move on to a new idea. With Learning Catalytics, you can tell your professor what you did—or didn't—understand without saying a word.

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A one-stop media-sharing tool that facilitates interactive learning


MediaShare is a comprehensive file-upload tool that promotes community among you and your classmates and allows for thoughtful video-based assignments. You can post speeches, visual aids, video assignments, group projects, and more in a variety of formats including video, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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Additional Features

Student Resources

It’s always good to have a collection of resources right at your fingertips. These timely tools will support you throughout the first year and beyond, and include Learning Catalytics™ and MediaShare tools for interactive response and file uploads, Getting Started videos that show how to work in the Lab getting started with LinkedIn and more, GRIT videos that outline what it is and how to consider it along with your personal branding, FinishStronger247 YouTube channel videos on ‘how to’ suggestions for making assignments personal, Job Search documents, Interview FAQs, and Professionalism videos.

A personalized Learning Path

Ever wondered where you might need the most help in class? MyLab Career Success offers nine milestones (topics) in the Learning Path. You’ll need all of these topics at some point as you plan and prepare for your career. Some topics you may need right away, and other topics you may need further on in your career path. Practice makes perfect, right? Even if your results indicate that you’re pretty sure your personal professional brand is in great shape now, for example, there’s usually room to improve or update it—so keep practicing and hone your skills! Based on your results, work through the videos, practice exercises, and graded activities as guided solutions and multimedia learning aids to give you the support you need.

Assignment Calendar

Never miss an assignment again. The Assignment Calendar in MyLab Career Success helps you track your progress in the course and get immediate feedback. Simply keep an eye on it and you'll never miss an assignment again.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your MyLab's exercise player has been updated with a new, streamlined, mobile-friendly design. For many courses in 2016, you can access your course from iPad and Android tablets to work on exercises and review completed assignments. The fresh look is clean and intuitive for efficient studying anytime, anywhere.