MyLab Career Success Program is shifting from two versions (‘with Coaching’ and ‘without Coaching’) to one streamlined ‘MyLab Career Success Program’ version. Based on customer feedback, we adjusted the milestones to streamline content and build greater GRIT, added LinkedIn assignments, and shifted career coaching from ‘one-to-one’ for some to ‘one-to-many’ for all.

We determined all milestones were sought after (in sequence) to fill career gaps in the curriculum, and streamlined content and greater GRIT application was prefered. LinkedIn is where every employer and recruiter is looking for candidates, so we added in several assignments throughout to help students create, build, and leverage their profile, demonstrating their GRIT and earning Acclaim badge(s) to include in their profile. Along the lines of career planning and preparation, students tend to benefit from group coaching more as they ‘learn from listening’ to others questions rather than one on one attention so we accounted for this through our partnership with Ron Nash and the Jump Start Academy.

You’ll love the intentional flow of content, relevant application of GRIT growth and LinkedIn profile development, and enhanced career coaching resources and direction.

Milestones Sequence

Part 1: First Year Experience and Career Exploration guides students through a self-discovery process to help them consider career options that fit their interests and talents and create a plan for course work, learning experiences, active consideration of personal brand.

  1. Self-Knowledge for Career Exploration
  2. Research Careers and Programs of Study
  3. Build an Academic Plan
  4. Develop a Personal Brand

Part 2: Career Preparation assists students through the latter stages of career preparation including the development of “soft” skills, building a personal career portfolio, including résumé and cover letter development ; networking list and job search plan; and interview preparation.

  1. Build Skills for Any Career
  2. Career Portfolio-Resume/Cover Letter
  3. Networking/Job Search
  4. Interviewing
  5. Considering Your Opportunities

MyLab Career Success Program

MyLab Career Success Program milestones include a Walkthrough, Videos, Practice exercises, Assignments, Next Steps, and Quiz. These Activities help students gain knowledge and skills and use a summary document that encapsulates decisions and direction, including suggested school resources.

  • Walkthrough (Overview)—Offers a summary of the skills that will be built in the module and guides students through the milestone sequence.
  • Videos—Features videos as appropriate to the milestone, including student interviews, topic-specific content, and GRIT-focused information.
  • Practice Exercises—Helps students master content and apply skills in an interactive setting.
  • Assignments—Denotes activities with a deliverable, including journaling, goal setting, and GRIT and LinkedIn actions to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.
  • Next Steps (Wrap up)—Synthesizes all they’ve learned to this point.
  • Quizzes—Proves what they’ve learned as a result of working through the ‘milestone.’
  • ‘Coaching Interaction’ connection opportunity with coaches and student to extend and personalize the assignments.
 Career Milestones Learning Path