Models of Implementation

MyCareerSuccessLab Program offers a customizable, personalized learning experience that is appropriate for a variety of career exploration and preparation initiatives.

Through a powerful combination of milestone-based interactive online instruction, learners engage in GRIT mindset growth and assessment; LinkedIn profile development and networking activities; and Career coaching. Within each milestone, there’s a Walkthrough, Videos, Practices, Assignments, LinkedIn Activities, Career coaching, and Quizzes.

Here’s an overview of MyCareerSuccessLab's approach, outcomes, and models for implementation at the course, program, administrative, and corporate level.

What is the Nine-Milestones Based Approach?

The first four First Year Experience and Career Exploration milestones guide learners through a self-discovery process to help them consider career options that fit their interests and talents and create a plan for course work, learning experiences, active consideration of personal brand.

  • Self-Knowledge for Career Exploration
  • Research Careers and Programs of Study
  • Build an Academic Plan
  • Develop a Personal Brand

The last five Career Preparation milestones assist learners through the latter stages of career preparation including the development of personal and social capabilities or “soft” skills, building a personal career portfolio, including résumé and cover letter development; networking list and job search plan; and interview preparation.

  • Build Skills for Any Career
  • Career Portfolio-Resume/Cover Letter
  • Networking/Job Search
  • Interviewing
  • Consider Your Opportunities

How will Learners bolster theirHow can we bolster Career Relevance and Persistence Outcomes?

MyCareerSuccessLab offers a new approach to career exploration and preparation that connects directly to academics and actively and consistently supports learners through an intentional, structured process.

Through the combination of GRIT mindset, LinkedIn assessment, and Career coaching instruction, MyCareerSuccessLab delivers a career exploration and preparation experience relevant to learners’ professional goals and connected to their academics.

Aligns academic and career plans to make informed choices about majors and career paths.

  • Explore skills and aptitudes
  • Do structured major exploration
  • Conduct academic planning related to career goals

Supports development of professionalism skills, experiences, and personal brand tied to chosen paths:

  • Understand and develop key transferable professional skills
  • Build  face-to-face and online networking skills

Prepares them for productive, successful job searchesl:

  • Create a high-quality résumé
  • Learn how to conduct a job search and network
  • Conduct a mock interview

Extends and supports existing school resources, for a level of preparedness for employment.

  • Track progress – grades and time on task to monitor students’ path
  • Use school resources more effectively, in a targeted way so that students master the basics and have the ability to seek more advanced advice when needed


Where to implement Who takes the lead What needs are addressed

Course (First Year Experience)

Course coordinator, Full Time faculty

Ability to connect academic plan and career plan to develop skill set and mindset and coordinate with career and advising services

Course (All other Disciplines)

Course coordinator, Full Time faculty

Improve personal and social capabilities (soft skills) and connect to the major, to increase placement rates of graduates

Program (First Year Experience)

Chair, Dean, Director (Student Services/Internships/Academic Advising/Career Services, Student Engagement)

Emphasis on career planning and preparation, perhaps in tandem with QEP and other gateway programs to coordinate data and resources

Program (All other disciplines)

Chair, Dean (Accounting, Hospitality, Business, Engineering, etc.)

Show more intentional connection to learners’ skill development and career goals through local Labor Market data analysis in tandem with formation and behavioral assessment

Institutional (All Academic executives)

Provost, President, Enrollment/Retention/Placement Services, etc.

Utilize data to inform redesign and track efficacy data, facilitate greater partnership with area employers to assess and develop skill set to local needs

Corporate clients

Professional development coordinator, Employee (Re-tooling, Up-skilling, Career transition or promotion)

Provide self assessment and improvement at any stage of a learner’s career through development and demonstration of skill set and mindset