Just-in-time help

Interactive Exercises with Immediate Feedback

The homework and practice exercises in MathXL reflect the approach and learning style of your textbook or eText, and regenerate algorithmically to give you unlimited opportunity for practice and mastery.

Most exercises include learning aids, such as guided solutions, sample problems, and extra help as you're working through them, and they offer helpful feedback when you enter incorrect answers. A variety of multimedia resources are also available in the homework and study plan exercises. You can link to the ebook, video clips, and animations to improve your understanding of key concepts. Videos are captioned in English, and several courses are also captioned in Spanish.

Learning that's personalized for you

Not every student learns the same way or at the same rate. Several types of personalized learning resources are built into MathXL, so you can focus on the topics where you need more practice.

  • Your instructor can choose to make Skill Builder adaptive practice available with homework assignments. When you're struggling with an exercise, Skill Builder will deliver additional practice, tailored to your level of understanding, to help you build up the skills needed to complete your assignment successfully.
  • With Companion Study Plan Assignments, your instructor can assign the Study Plan as a prerequisite to a test or quiz to guide you through just the concepts you need to master. You are then alerted when you are ready for the test.
  • MathXL can personalize homework assignments for you based on your performance on a test or quiz. This way, you can focus on just the topics you haven't yet mastered.

Extra help at your fingertips

Struggling with a concept? MathXL is like having your own private tutor always available when you need them. Videos and PowerPoints are available throughout the multimedia library to clarify concepts, elaborate on ideas, and summarize what you have learned. These will set you on the path to mastering math!

Manage your grades and track your progress

Comprehensive Gradebook

The online gradebook helps you track your results on tests, homework, and practice exercises, so you always know where you stand in the course. And because it's linked to your instructor's gradebook, it makes it easy for your instructor to monitor your progress and provide you with extra help as necessary.