System Requirements

Please make sure your computer or other device meets the requirements below, especially the browser settings. Use the most robust and stable internet connection you can. All Mastering assignment answers that students submit are saved, even if you lose connectivity before you finish the assignment.

Need administrative rights to make a change on your computer? Contact your organization's IT department to make any needed updates if the computer or other device you’re using is not your own personal property.

Browser Settings

  • Pop-ups must be enabled. How to enable pop-ups for Mastering features that require pop-ups.
  • Cookies must be enabled. If your browser security blocks third-party cookies, you will need to allow Pearson websites as trusted or whitelisted sites. Identify the appropriate Mastering website name, like,, (or similar), or You may also need to allow Pearson domain names, such as,,, or

Mobile Devices

Mobile Browser Requirements

After you sign into your Mastering course on a computer at least once, you can use a smartphone or tablet to work on Mastering assignments, Dynamic Study Modules, or Learning Catalytics sessions. (Educators, a student account is needed to work in Mastering standard’s Mobile view.) You may need to return to your computer to complete some assignment items. Supported browsers are listed above. The Kindle is not supported.

Mobile Apps

  • Pearson eText app (for smartphones and tablets)
  • App to work on Dynamic Study Modules
    Dynamic Study Modules are provided in select courses.

    Smartphone users: From your computer, open a Dynamic Study Module from the course at least once. From your phone, sign into the course and open a Dynamic Study Module. Select “Download on the App Store” or "Get it on Google Play" from the page bottom.

    Tablet users: You can work on any available Dynamic Study Modules after you sign into your course.

Other Requirements

Requirements to Edit and Create Content (Educators only)

The Simple Editor and the Advanced Editor (also known as the Authoring Tool) enable you to produce custom assignable items.

Simple Editor

Requirements for the Simple Editor match the latest operating systems and browsers for Mastering (above). To access all features of the Simple Editor, set your browser security to allow pop-ups.

Advanced Editor

The Advanced Editor is not recommended for most educators. The requirements for this editor are more restrictive than for the Simple Editor.

  Operating Systems Browsers 


Windows 7 Internet Explorer 9.x

Mac OS

You need a Windows emulator. Internet Explorer 9.x

Important information about working with Internet Explorer 9: Regardless of your operating system, you should use Internet Explorer 9 to work with the Advanced Editor. (Internet 10 Desktop is not yet fully supported for authoring.) When downloading Internet Explorer 9, be sure to choose the 32-bit version (rather than the 64-bit version). After you have opened the Advanced Editor in 32-bit mode, it will automatically open in this mode every time after that.