Before Class

Prepare before lecture with Prelecture Videos

Interactive Prelecture Videos support student preparation before class and facilitate active classrooms. These whiteboard-style animations provide an introduction to key topics and include embedded assessment to help students prepare before lecture and to help professors identify student misconceptions.

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Prelecture Videos

Boost student math skills needed for success in physics

Coming for Fall 2017 Classes! The Physics Primer is a series of tutorials in Mastering Physics that focus on remediating students’ math skills necessary for their first college physics course. Through videos, hints, and feedback, the Physics Primer refreshes students’ math skills necessary for success in physics. These tutorials appear as an item assignable before the course begins as well as throughout the course to ensure students practice and maintain their math skills, while tying together mathematical operations and physics analysis.

The Physics Primer

The Physics Primer

Before Class

Trigger your brain to learn faster

Dynamic Study Modules

Finally, there's a better way to learn! We know not every student learns the same way and at the same rate. Dynamic Study Modules assess your performance and activity in real time. They use data and analytics that personalize content to target your particular strengths and weaknesses. And, because we know you’re always on the go, Dynamic Study Modules can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone!

During Class

Make the most out of going to class with Learning Catalytics™

Learning Catalytics is an interactive classroom tool that lets you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to participate in and stay engaged in lecture. Simply log in and respond to the open-ended questions your instructor posts during class. Your professor can use the results of these questions to help address misunderstandings, start small group discussions, or decide that you’re ready to move on to a new idea. You can also use Learning Catalytics to anonymously let your professor know that you didn’t understand something. 

After Class

Learn physics by practicing physics with tutorials and coaching activities

Self-paced tutorials guide you through the toughest topics in physics with individualized coaching and Socratic hints that provide problem-solving strategies or break the main problem into simpler exercises.

Make connections to the real world with PhET Tutorials

Tutorials using the interactive research-based simulations from the PhET Group at the University of Colorado, Boulder help you to make connections to the real world. 

Access your textbook anytime, anywhere

NEW! eText 2.0 optimized for mobile

  • eText 2.0 mobile app offers offline access and can be downloaded for most iOS and Android phones/tablets from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media
  • Accessible (screen-reader ready)
  • Configurable reading settings, including resizable type and night reading mode
  • Instructor and student note-taking, highlighting, bookmarking, and search

Additional Features

Prepare for success

Chapter Quizzes and Practice Tests help you find out whether you're prepared for exams.

Wrong-answer feedback personalized for you

Using data gathered from all of the students using the program, Mastering offers wrong-answer feedback that is specific to you. Rather than simply providing feedback of the “right/wrong/try again” variety, Mastering guides you towards the correct final answer without giving the answer away.

Hints offer clear guidance

Mastering provides hints of two types that help you work through, and ultimately, solve problems. Declarative hints provide advice on how to approach the problem, guiding you to the final answer. Socratic hints break a problem down into smaller sub-problems, which makes it easier for you to complete the original problem.

Dynamic, engaging content

Using 3D animations, simulations, tutorials, and activities, Mastering utilizes engaging, interactive media to help you learn the toughest topics and succeed in your course.