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Learn genetics by practicing genetics

Tutorials and Coaching

Tutorials guide you through the toughest topics in genetics with self-paced tutorials that provide individualized coaching.

Help learning the toughest topics in genetics


Animations with quizzes help you learn the toughest topics in genetics.

Prep for the kinds of problems that will be on the test

Problem-Solving Practice

Various practice quizzes and sample tests allow you to work at your own pace and succeed in your course.

Practice problem-solving

Digital access anytime, anywhere

Pearson eText

The Pearson eText provides textbook access anytime, anywhere. In addition to note taking, highlighting, and bookmarking, the eText offers interactive and sharing features. Rich media options let you watch lecture and example videos as you read or do your homework. Instructors and students can share comments or highlights, creating a tight community of learners in your class.

The Pearson eText companion app allows existing subscribers to access their titles on an iPad or Android tablet for either online or offline viewing.

Additional Features

Prepare for success

Chapter Quizzes and Practice Tests help you find out whether you're prepared for exams.

Wrong-answer feedback personalized for you

Using data gathered from all of the students using the program, Mastering offers wrong-answer feedback that is specific to you. Rather than simply providing feedback of the “right/wrong/try again” variety, Mastering guides you towards the correct final answer without giving the answer away.

Hints offer clear guidance

Mastering provides hints of two types that help you work through, and ultimately, solve problems. Declarative hints provide advice on how to approach the problem, guiding you to the final answer. Socratic hints break a problem down into smaller sub-problems, which makes it easier for you to complete the original problem.

Dynamic, engaging content

Using 3D animations, simulations, tutorials, and activities, Mastering utilizes engaging, interactive media to help you learn the toughest topics and succeed in your course.