Continuously Adaptive Video Transcript

Mastering has always been adaptive on a question level, providing students with feedback specific to their wrong answers. Now featuring Adaptive Follow-Up Assignments and Dynamic Study Modules, Mastering continuously adapts to each student for a truly personalized learning experience, bringing learning full circle.

Before class, instructors can assign Dynamic Study Modules that feature a dynamic process of test - learn - retest that requires students to answer questions correctly and with confidence.

The full explanations and answers are embedded directly from the associated Pearson textbook in a flashcard-like format for quick and effective mastery of the material. And Dynamic Study Modules are available on a mobile app so students can study anywhere, anytime.

After class, you can assign Adaptive Follow-Ups, personalized homework assignments on the topics that students are struggling with the most. Question sets continuously adapt to students performance on the original homework as well as their performance on the adaptive assignment, helping them correct their misconceptions before they take root.

Scores from Adaptive Follow-Ups and Dynamic Study Modules report into the Mastering Gradebook for easy integration into your course.

The continuously adaptive offerings in Mastering personalize the learning experience by giving students the practice they need on the most challenging topics, target misconceptions based on their performance, and help them succeed in your course by helping them learn before and after class.

Mastering’s continuously adaptive solutions bring learning full circle.

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