Writing Space

Everything you need to foster better writing, all in one place

Better writers make great learners — who perform better in their courses. To help you develop and assess concept mastery and critical thinking through writing, we created the Writing Space in MyLab & Mastering. It's a single place to create, track, and grade writing assignments, provide writing resources, and exchange meaningful, personalized feedback with students, quickly and easily.

Writing Space makes assigning, receiving, and evaluating writing assignments easier. It's simple to create new assignments and upload relevant materials, see student progress, and receive alerts when students submit work.

Writing Space provides everything students need to keep up with writing assignments, access assignment guides and checklists, write or upload completed assignments, and receive grades and feedback — all in one convenient place. Writing Space features storage for notes and Web bookmarks, essential writing tips, and a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. And, Writing Space offers customized grading rubrics and personalized feedback that help students focus and produce better work.

Writing Space can also check students' work for improper citation or plagiarism by comparing it against the world's most accurate text comparison database available from Turnitin®.