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An online learning environment that cultivates student engagement and accountability

Providing learners with engaging course material has never been easier. Because with MediaShare for Business, your students understand why they’re learning about key concepts and how to apply them in their courses and future careers.

An online learning environment, MediaShare for Business makes it easy to customize your instruction so that students can master course learning objectives. Select from a curated library of videos and accompanying assignments, or assign your favorite YouTube clips or original content, for student viewing, commenting, and assessment.

And with MediaShare for Business’ powerful collection of evaluation and feedback tools, you can facilitate sharing among your students while providing contextualized feedback, to maximize student accountability and interactive learning.

An enriching educational experience

Using MediaShare for Business’ online learning environment, you can create an enriching experience both in and out of the classroom.

Save time and promote student engagement in your course

Quickly choose from more than 1,000 videos in Pearson’s curated library. Tagged to learning objectives and searchable by discipline, topic, keyword, or recommended assignment, videos are updated on a regular basis, making it easy to keep your course current and in line with your student engagement strategy.

Help students exhibit personal accountability

Pearson’s pre-built, customizable, and auto-scorable assignments accompany many videos in the library, enabling learners to check their understanding of difficult concepts. You can also capture data on students’ performance and hold them accountable for their learning.

Provide relevant course material

Prefer to share your own content? With MediaShare for Business, you can connect with learners by embedding your favorite YouTube™ clips or uploading original videos, audio, or static documents directly from your computer.

Offer more contextualized feedback on presentations

Provide time-stamped comments on student presentations, group projects, and role-plays, making your feedback more contextualized and meaningful for learners.

Provide more uniform grading

Using MediaShare for Business’ templates, you can input and customize your rubric for easier, more consistent grading on student uploads. You can also create peer-to-peer rubrics to increase student collaboration.

Create a community in the classroom

MediaShare for Business boosts teamwork among learners. Whether they’re in-class or virtual, students can submit group projects for feedback, all while having the ability to seamlessly share, comment on, and review peer content.

Help students develop in-demand employability skills

Thanks to an experiential learning environment with flexible sharing settings and commenting tools, students can practice and develop the communication, teamwork, presentation, and knowledge-application skills that today’s hiring managers are looking for.

MediaShare is available in many of our Business MyLab products. To see if your course is included, or to learn more about MediaShare, please contact your Pearson rep or complete the MediaShare for Business Quick Review.