Give every student personalized tools to succeed, with MyLab® and Mastering®. These flexible digital platforms combine unrivaled content, online assessments, and the freedom to customize your course.

MyLab and Mastering allow you to...

Teach your course your way

Your course is unique. With MyLab and Mastering, your courseware can be, too. Easily tailor your course to fit your needs, whether you want to create assignments, manage multiple sections, or set prerequisites.

Performance Analytics

Get real-time data on students’ progress so you can decide what to teach and how best to teach it. With Early Alerts in select MyLab and Mastering courses, you’ll receive data, early on, identifying students who are struggling, so you can reach them at just the right time.


Streamline the way you create and grade online exams, homework, and projects. Learn more about how we bring Gradescope to you.


Mastering homework settings

Campbell Biology figure walkthrough
Campbell Biology figure walkthrough

Deliver trusted content

Your high standards deserve quality content to match them. That’s why we partner with respected authors who are also subject matter experts. Together we build interactive, course-specific content to more fully engage your students.

Educational Videos

Produced with authors and key contributors, our large library of assignable product videos helps students visualize complex concepts and, in some cases, solve problems. Follow-up assessments gauge their comprehension. Watch a sample video featuring math and statistics author Mike Sullivan.

Mastering Scheduled Reading

Assign a chapter or section of the Pearson eText to help students prepare for lectures, homework, and quizzes — and to hold them accountable for their work. Scheduled readings are posted to each student’s assignment page, and you can link readings directly to a Mastering assignment.

Empower learners

To experience is to learn. Listening to a lecture and memorizing concepts aren’t enough. By creating opportunities to participate, engage, and practice, MyLab and Mastering support learning that lasts.

GeoGebra Exercises

With these gradable graphing exercises, you can observe students interacting with virtual graphs as they would on paper. It’s a quick and easy way for them to show you what they know.

Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules

Created for teachers, by teachers, these modules incorporate the best of your text, Mastering, and Learning Catalytics. You can access activities and assignments to engage learners before, during, and after class. Get a walkthrough.

GeoGebra Exercises
GeoGebra Exercises

Imagine the impact of first-day access

Help every student achieve more. With Pearson Inclusive Access, students can have affordable, quality, and digital-first course materials on or before the first day of class — giving them a running start toward success. Learn more.