Assess student preparedness

Effective Assessment

MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills combines The College Board’s assessment program with Pearson’s proven online intervention. Students begin with ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests that analyze academic strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, arithmetic, and/or algebra.

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Everything you need, all in one place

Pre-loaded Curriculum

Each MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills course comes pre-loaded with curriculum aligned to the ACCUPLACER diagnostics in reading, writing, arithmetic, and algebra.

With little preparation, teachers, instructors, and staff have exactly what they need to administer a program and help students succeed.

Meet each student at his or her own level of ability

Personalized Learning Pathways

Based on the student’s performance on an ACCUPLACER diagnostic test, MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills generates a personalized Learning Path for each student. The Learning Path indicates the student’s proficiency in each content area within each domain and offers direct links to the specific topics where skill-building is needed, at the exact level he or she needs it. As the student works through his or her Learning Path program and “masters” individual topics, he or she can see improvement through visual icons and progress bars.

Break traditional barriers to learning

Competency-based, Self-paced Activities

Each MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills Learning Path includes competency-based learning “activities” designed to help students build confidence and proficiency in specific skills. Scaffolded items include instructional overviews, tutorials, videos, interactive practice exercises (with instant feedback and step-by-step help), and short Mastery Quizzes to demonstrate proficiency. Students become actively engaged in their own learning processes and break traditional barriers to learning at their own pace.

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Measure student outcomes

Gradebook with Visual Analytics

At all times, students can see their “mastery” progress instantly updated on their personal homepages. In addition, all work is captured in the MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills gradebook for educators, staff, and administrators to easily view and track progress—including overall and individual mastery of modules and topics, time-on-task, and item analysis—or simply review a student’s completed work.

Our comprehensive online reporting capabilities allow for export into common spreadsheet formats to further support the data-driven efforts of institutions, districts, and states.

Additional Features

Measurable results

MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills is an out-of-the-box solution that helps enable learners build and master the requisite skills needed to successfully pursue postsecondary degree paths, thus reducing placement in developmental studies, saving critical financial aid dollars, and accelerating time to completion.

Study skills for success

MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills includes a Study Skills module designed to prepare students for ongoing persistence and success. The module includes self-assessments with feedback on eight challenging topics appropriate for both traditional and nontraditional learners: Time Management, Stress Management, Concentrating, Getting the Most From Your Reading, Rehearsal Strategies, Effective Note Taking, Studying Smarter, and Preparing for and Taking Exams.

Flexible program options

MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills offers a simple user interface that is appropriate for both “high touch” instructor-led courses and independent, self-paced programs. We offer student access in two cost-effective subscription lengths: Up to 12 months for semester or school-year programs; up to 10 weeks for bootcamps or accelerated programs. Student subscriptions are available per student and include access to all content areas. (ACCUPLACER Diagnostics are sold separately by the College Board.)

Access anytime, anywhere, for all learners

MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills offers reliable, 24/7 vendor-hosted, web-based delivery, allowing students, educators, staff, and administrators access to their resources whenever and wherever they need it, from any Mac or PC with an internet connection.