System Requirements

Check your browser

Ensure you have the right browser, players, and plug-ins to enjoy full functionality.

Check your browser now

Please make sure that your computer meets all of the requirements detailed below before using MyLab.

Note that you may need administrative access to be able to install applications or make other changes to your computer. If the computer you are using is not your own personal property, you may need to contact your organization's IT department to make such updates.

Operating Systems and Browsers

To work successfully with your MyLab, your computer must match one of the supported browser and operating system (OS) configurations below. Your MyLab may also run on newer versions of these browsers, but a version is not considered fully supported until it is specified below.

Note that these requirements are only for the MyLab itself. Plug-ins or players mentioned below may have their own system requirements.     

Don't know your operating system version? Here's how to find it: Windows | Mac

Don't know your browser version? Find out here

To download versions of these browsers, visit their websites:
Firefox   Chrome   Internet Explorer   Safari


Operating SystemVersionBrowser


  • Windows 8
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 11 and up
  • Internet Explorer 10, 9
  • Windows 7
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 11 and up
  • Internet Explorer 10, 9
  • Windows Vista (SP1)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 11 and up
  • Internet Explorer 10, 9
  • Windows XP (SP3)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 11 and up
  • Internet Explorer 10, 9

Mac OS

  • OS X
    10.10 Yosemite
    10.9 Maverick
    10.8 Mountain Lion
    10.7 Lion
    10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Safari 8*, 7, 6, 5.06 (up to and including 5.1)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Using MyLab with Blackboard Learn, Canvas, or Desire2Learn?
When using Chrome or Firefox to view a page with mixed content (HTTPS and HTTP), the page or content may be blocked by a security feature. To learn how to display the page, read this support article.

*Important note for Safari Users
Safari 8 is not currently compatible with the platform's HTML editor. To input HTML-formatted text, please choose a different browser.

Browser Settings

  • Pop-up windows must be allowed. If you are using a browser that offers pop-up control or are running an add-on program to control pop-ups, you may need to take steps to allow pop-ups in order to use some features on the site.
  • Session cookies must be enabled. In most browsers, you can enable cookies for selected domains.
  • Javascript must be enabled.

Players and Plug-Ins

Click the player or plug-in name below to download the latest version. You can also use the Browser Tune-up below to check whether you have these players and plug-ins installed and download the latest versions.

Application NamePC VersionMac Version

Adobe Flash Player*



Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer



Adobe Reader



*Flash Player. Version 10.2 is the minimum requirement for eText access. Flash Player 11.1 or newer is recommended.

These players and plug-ins may have their own system requirements, which can be found on their websites. In some cases, you may need to register for the player or plug-in, and you may need to restart your computer when you finish the download and installation.

Browser Tune-up

The Browser Tune-up utility will tell you whether or not the necessary players and plug-ins are present on your computer and, when they are present, whether they are up to date. It will also allow you to download the latest versions of the players and plug-ins.

Run the Browser Tune-up

  • Click the Browser Tune-up button above.
  • In the list of players and plug-ins in the center of the Browser Tune-up window, check which are currently installed.
  • For a player or plug-in that you need but which is not installed, click the "Download" button to download the latest version. In some cases, you may need to register for the player or plugin, and you may need to restart your computer when you finish the download and installation.
  • When you finish installing the players or plugins your website requires, close the Browser Tune-up, restart your browser, then return to your MyLab.

Other Requirements

Internet Connection

Broadband cable, high-speed DSL, fiber-optic, or other equivalent is recommended. Minimum modem rate = 56kb/s (which may be inadequate for video content).

Wi-Fi hotspot (such as AT&T mobile Internet service): Some issues have been reported with this type of setup. If you cannot sign in to your MyLab, please use one of the recommended connection types listed above.

Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Screen Resolution

Minimum screen resolution: 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high

To check and adjust screen resolution:

  • Windows: Go to Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings > Screen Resolution.
  • Mac OS: Go to the Monitors Control Panel