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Pearson Mastering A&P delivers consistent, measurable gains in student learning outcomes, retention, and subsequent course success. Explore user-provided evidence below.

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MasteringA&P educator study explores student experience

Case Study (URL)

Louis McIntyre
Robeson Community College


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Students who participated a study provided positive feedback via student surveys, with participating students saying they are likely to recommend Mastering to a friend or colleague. Student comments provided insight into their experience which helped educators understand what impact Mastering had on the time spent working outside of class.

Using MasteringA&P to prepare students for lab

Case Study (URL)

Glenda Hill
El Paso Community College


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The instructor implemented MasteringA&P homework as part of the lab so students would be more prepared to do activities and to develop their conceptual understanding of course topics.

Student success increased after implementing MasteringA&P

Case Study (URL)

Suzanne Pundt
University of Texas at Tyler


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In both A&P I and II, student success rates and exam scores increased after MasteringA&P was implemented with multiple assigned learning activities.

MyReadinessTest™ educator study investigates student preparedness

Case Study (URL)

Sheela Vemu
Waubonsee Community College


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By assigning the MyReadinessTest pre-diagnostic test, the instructor was able to identify students who were less prepared coming into the course. Students who remediated with the study plan generated by the pre-diagnostic test tended to do better in the course.

Partner with Pearson on an educator study

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Are you being asked to report on learner outcomes? Implementing a redesign? Wondering what impact your Pearson digital solution is having on program goals? Pearson wants to partner with you. Your results—and the best practices you used to achieve them—can be helpful and inspiring to your peers.

2016 Science and Engineering White Paper with Educator Case Studies and Implementation Worksheets

White Paper (PDF)


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The 2016 Science and Engineering White Paper combines the three-phase approach of Pearson’s Ten Steps to a Successful Implementation, along with 21 educator case studies, to create a framework to help faculty plan and integrate technology into their course. It includes worksheets for each step and examples of how other faculty have implemented technology.

MasteringA&P Pilot designed to address success rates and reporting needs

Case Study (PDF)

Thomas Yingst
San Antonio College


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Students who did more MasteringA&P tended to score higher on exams, and success rates increased after MasteringA&P was piloted. Student learning outcomes are mapped and tracked to facilitate teaching and reporting.

Using Getting Ready for A&P to Understand Student Course Readiness

Case Study (PDF)

Ferdinand Esser
Mercy College


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To begin to address retention, instructors implemented the diagnostic Getting Ready for A&P pretest and used the data to understand student readiness and performance. Based on findings, they implemented a new recitation to help students increase their chance of success.

Using MyReadinessTest and MasteringA&P to Enhance learning

Case Study (PDF)

Shawn Macauley
Muskegon Community College


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The results from the MyReadinessTest diagnostic test indicated that students who scored lower may be more at risk, and that there was a strong positive correlation between MasteringA&P homework and exam scores.

Using MyReadinessTest and MasteringA&P in a fully online class

Case Study (PDF)

Joseph D. Gar
West Kentucky Community and Technical College


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Combined use of MyReadinessTest and MasteringA&P with Knewton Adaptive Follow-Up enabled the instructor to more easily identify at-risk students and provided students with remediation tools that helped them succeed in the online course.

Showing 1 - 10 of 39 results